Rockwell announces PanelView Plus 7 Performance models


Late last week Rockwell Automation issued a press release officially announcing the PanelView Plus 7 Performance line of HMI’s. Stating the new product “simplifies visualization for large applications,” Rockwell stressed the fact that this HMI could “reduce need for multiple HMIs, or replace PC-based HMI for centralized information-monitoring.” To accomplish this, ... Read More »

PanelView 5500 documents now in Literature Library


While working on another story, I became aware that Rockwell Automation has published several PanelView 5500 documents in its Literature Library. The interesting part is, to my knowledge Rockwell has yet to release an announcement about the product’s release. I also just checked, and as of noontime yesterday Rockwell still ... Read More »

Flashback Friday! The SLC-500 Blue Demo Case


Welcome to The Automation Blog’s “Flashback Friday!” Today’s Flashback Friday article is a little different than previous editions. Today I’m highlighting a piece of legacy hardware, the SLC-500 blue demo case. When I got my first job in the automation industry back in 1990, the SLC-500 was the big deal with Allen-Bradley users. Similar in many ... Read More »