My Virtual PC Won’t Find My Host’s Activations


When using Windows XP Mode which we discussed earlier this week here, or other virtualization solutions like VMware Workstation which we covered last week here, it’s very common to want the virtual PC to share our FactoryTalk Activations installed on our Host OS. And the easiest way to do that is to either add our Host ... Read More »

Easy Way To Migrate FactoryTalk View Projects To Windows 7 64 bit


Last May in this article I covered the procedure for migrating FactoryTalk ViewStudio projects to Windows 7 Profession 64 bit by using Rockwell’s legacy tag database conversion utility. In today’s article we’ll discuss an easier way to migrate your old 32bit APA’s that also doesn’t require access to a PC running a 32bit OS. The easy way to migrate ... Read More »

How To Get Up And Running With Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode 15-Fi

So you’ve received a new laptop running Windows 7 Professional, but still need to run legacy XP programs? Well, you’re in luck. Microsoft makes available to you free of charge a Windows XP virtual machine, and in today’s article we’ll show you how to get it up and running. Part 1: Downloading and installing Windows Virtual ... Read More »

PanelView 800 Now Available

PanelView 800 Fi

With last week’s release of CCW 8.0, it has also come to my attention that Rockwell has also released it’s PanelView 800 family of small component HMI’s. The 4″ and 7″ models are currently factory stock to two week lead time, and the 10″ model should begin shipping by this time next month. Below are ... Read More »

Connected Components Workbench Version 8 Released


Last week while checking operating system compatibility of Connected Components Workbench (CCW) Version 7, I noticed Version 8 was also listed. Curios to know if this was an indicator of it’s release, I headed over to product downloads section of Rockwell’s website and found that CCW version 8 was indeed available to download. Choosing the free, standard ... Read More »